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Windows Server 2008

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Windows Server 2008 supports the client system with Windows Vista, much like the relationship between Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. Beta 1 version of the server system was first introduced on July 27, 2005, and the Beta 3 version of its already announced on April 25, 2007. This product will be marketed in the second half of 2007. Windows Server 2008 is the name for the server operating system from Microsoft company.

This server system is a development from the previous version called Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2008 is built from the same code as Windows Vista, so Windows Server 2008 has the same architecture and functionality to it. Because Windows Vista, by Microsoft, offers technical progress compared with previous versions of Windows, so the things owned by Windows Vista is also owned by Windows Server 2008.

An example is a network stack written from scratch (IPv6, wireless network, speed, and increased security); installation easier; diagnosis, monitoring and recording the better; a more robust security such as BitLocker Drive Encryption, address space layout randomization (ASLR), Windows Firewall is better; Microsoft technologies. NET Framework 3.0, such as Windows Communication Foundation, Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), and Windows Workflow Foundation (WfW), and also an increase in the kernel.

        Windows Server 2008.Part 15     

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